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30 Runs in 30 Days

Posted by Unknown Friday, February 1, 2013

This is a look back on the past month after completing 30 runs in 30 days. All the runs were a minimum of 30 minutes, the longest run was 4 hours and I never took a day off. Read on to see my results! 

I first learned about 30 runs in 30 days from James Walsh, who learned about it from Endurance Corner. I encourage you to read both accounts if you're planning to give this a try. 

My first run was on January 1st, 2013 which made it easy to keep track of how many runs I had completed over the course of the month.  

Layering is always key in the winter, even in southern California. I used my Skinfit Klima baselayer t-shirt, Skinfit Aero shirt over that and then the Skinfit Vento vest with arm warmers and gloves. A few mornings, when it was in the 30's, I wore a hat and calf sleeves. I also got to try the new Injinji 2.0 performance toesocks and Hoka Bondi running shoes. I went through so much more laundry this month with how often I was running! 

In the 30 days, I summited North Fortuna 7 times. The run from my place takes me on average 25 minutes and gains 1000+ feet in 2.2 miles. The 360-degree panoramic view of San Diego county from the peak is inspiring. 

I watched the sun set and rise from here, thankful for each day and hopeful for the next. 

It took 9 days for me to start feeling results, which was pretty good considering I was really sick from 1/3 - 1/12. Running while I had the head cold was the best I felt that whole week. 

Day 16 I started to feel tired, but never got tired of the view from North Fortuna.

I ran in the mornings some days, at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursday with the ACTIVEx group and a few evenings with a headlamp as the sun set. 

I also volunteered for a few hours to help fix up the Portobelo Trail in Shepard Canyon. I started working with this group in December. If you're interested in helping, let me know. We typically meet the first Saturday of the month. 

I ran with my friend Mike Campian a bunch. We started doing "Fortuna Fridays" were we'd run the peak early Friday mornings. This shot below is from the 17-mile run I used as my peak long run for the race I did the following weekend. The route we did that day for training included Cowels, Pyles, South Fortuna and North Fortuna, in that order, and turned out to be great race prep. A group of girls offered us champagne on the summit that day. Never a dull moment out there! 

My 19th consecutive run was the inaugural San Diego Trail Marathon by Off Road Pursuits which you can read all about in my race report here


My wife and I really enjoyed the MUSE concert at Valley View Casino Center on 1/21, which was our Christmas present from my in-laws. We had VIP tickets, which meant I got to sit for most of the show, which I needed after the race that weekend and 21 straight days of running!

The last long run of the month was on Saturday (1/26) up El Cajon Mountain [aka El Cap] in the rain for 11 miles and 4,000' of elevation gain. It was Mike's first time up the trail, from Wildcat Canyon Rd., which is one of my favorites because it's pretty much the hardest around.  

We didn't have the usual great views from the trail but it was so cool to be up there in the thick cloud cover and rain. I started testing my new Skinfit Scudo waterproof jacket, which only weighs around 10 ounces. I am putting together a video review of the jacket this spring so stay tuned! 

When I started the #30in30 program on the first of the year, my intention was to follow through and make it happen no matter what. This meant planning ahead, knowing which days to set the alarm early and when to sleep-in and run later in the day. I also significantly cut back on my beer intake, which I needed to anyways after the holidays, and ended up losing 10 pounds from the 1/1/2013 to 1/30/2013.

In 30 days, I got my legs back and set myself up for a kick-ass year. I feel great! I'm lean again, running smooth and have no regrets. I recommend this program to anyone ready to give it a shot. Just make sure you have a solid base of running and pace yourself for the whole month. 

When you start to feel the "magic" happen, be sure to spread the word about 30 runs in 30 days and encourage someone else you know to give it a try! 

My final run of #30in30 and view from North Fortuna summit: